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الاعلان علي جوجل ادورد

After Facebook became a place to gather a lot of people and became the very difficult thing for many people to ignore its spread , facebook ads became something very essential for many activities and services owners , In order to increase the number of fans on your page you must advertise on Facebook because the advertisement on Facebook has become more targeted and exclusive , Already became a rival advertising method against Google Adwords service after the Facebook administration introduced some policies giving the activities and major marketing and advertising pages owners on Facebook more advantages than before , access to publications average has been reduced to very small proportion reaching 3% of the users numbers. Zone Tech operates Facebook ads professionally due to a lot of experience in managing advertising campaigns on the Internet , whether in Facebook ads or advertising on Google Adwords or advertisement on Twitter

Smart management
Defining the goal of the advertising campaign
Advertising design
using distinguished images to create advertisements
Full commitment
we are committed to deliver the work in time with high quality

What we offer on facebook ads

Managing the advertising campaign in a professional way

Daily advertisement observation and monitoring

Scaning a facebook page

Sending regular reports

Advertising design with an attratice way to attract customers

Advertising analysis to get the best rsults

Technical support any time

Offering suggestions to optimize result