Advertising and marketing on twitter

Twitter is one of the most famous social networking sites in the world. twitter ads targets a large number of customers who uses twitter to do E- marketing to target their pages and services. zone tech company offers the service of advertising on twitter for many companies and sites that want a large number of followers through the use of twitter ads , allowing to target many pages to attract more followers. saudi arabia is considered one of the largest countries in the arab world in twitter users as the users number reached more than 6 million account compared to the number of twitter accounts in egypt is only more than a million account so there is a large demand for advertising and marketing on twitterin saudi arabia and in the gulf countries , compared to the advertisment service on facebook because of the large number of users. zone tech monitors and observe all twitter stats and follow your hashtag in case of an existing hashtag in the advertising campaign during the marketing on twitterand watch the number of tweets , retweets and a lot of other stats

Note :to activate your advertiser account on twitter the minimum cost of activation is 10000 dollar to start marketing on twitter for your page so this amount must be in the budget الاعلان علي تويتر

Smart management
Defining the goal of the advertising campaign
Different ad campaigns
advertising by tweets and account
Targeted by field
target people by the field of your page

What zone tech company offers on marketing and advertising on twitter

Activate your Advertiser account for ever

Create advertising of the account only. Promote twitter account

Promote twitter account

send regular reports about the campaign

Manage the advertising campaign in a professional way to rationalize the costs

Action announce of Tweets twitter promote tweet

Target number of pages that are interested in the field of business