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Zonetech company specializes in programming & designing android & ios mobile apps

Its clear that the rapid development in technology have enriched electronic marketing & web advertising, smart phones emerged and spread every where offering a lot of useful & competitive mobile apps like the android apps & ios apps (iphone applications & android applications), mobile apps became a common feature demanded by companies and websites owners for interacting with their customers Zonetech is a pioneer in mobile apps programming & designing through making simple, user friendly, attractive and intuitive mobile apps making our apps popular and appealing also zonetech is professional at designing mobile games for android & ios

Android applications
Designs compatible with most android versions
Ios applications
Designs compatible with ios platforms
Smart search
Intelligent & fast search systems

What zonetech applies in programming & designing android & ios mobile apps

Unique & attractive designs

Simple & user friendly designs

uploading apps on google play & apple store

website programming and development

Smart search in apps

Continuous technical support

Optimize app size for quick download

Designing website for App

Video tutorial for app use

Advertising banner areas upon request

Designing dedicated control panel

Notifications for updates and news

Technical support against programming errors for 12 months

Other additional features upon request