About Zonetech

Zonetech is an Egyptian software development company specializes in the design and programming of Android and iPhone applications and web design services. The head office is based in Cairo, It is established by a group of young, ambitious and professional individuals in offering web service solutions, websites publicity (search engine optimization SEO) for big companies and websites. Zonetech company is ready to satisfy all the needs of companies and individuals in a professional way and always keen to please our customers and provide them with the best possible quality in our services. We constantly improve to continue our success and offer the best and the latest for our customers, To help all of our customers to achieve the goal of the service because what distinguishes us is not only our work, But the client achieving his goal through our services to be satisfied from Zonetech services.

This is where it all began, Three egyptian colleagues eager to introduce something new to the market, It was through web development & web solutions, Thus we established Zonetech
We had our first headquarters, It was small but dedicated for customers meetings, We planned for expanding our services to gulf countries along with the egyptian market, Which resulted on having our first project for a gulf country
We decided to found a commercial project, And considered the tourism market, So we developed a platform for the tourism sector, Where it provides booking for hotels across all the egyptian attractions, However due to unfortunate circumstances in the egyptian market that affected the tourism sector, We decided to temporarily hold the project
With a wider scope in mind, We introduced game development services passionately, And kicked it off with an educational game for children for the gulf market
Our plan was to expand further in game services. So we established a game development studio to develop our first game, But the project faced technical & financial difficulties due to its large scope and other factors
One founder exited and solely acquired the game development studio, Meanwhile Zonetech continued to provide web & mobile solutions efficiently for all its customers
Major change occurred in the company strategy, Zonetech shifted its strategy and a new partner joined the board, Resulting in providing more services in the digital market like identity branding, creative design & various advertising campaigns, Whether motion graphics or animated videos
Based on last year strategy, We expanded our work force in all departments including establishing a game development studio (Peacock), Dedicated for game development services with a clear vision of our previous failure & achievement, Similarly we started planning for establishing a branding studio for identity branding and advertising campaigns, The branding studio is planned to launch mid 2022, Making Zonetech the holding company for several production houses
Team members
Abdallah Mostafa
Chief Executive Officer
Mahammad Mostafa
Chief Technical Officer
Ahmed Mousa
Saher Mohamed
Senior Game Developer
Sarah Ghallab
Senior 3D Artist
Youssef El-Sebaei
Senior Graphic Designer
Amr Adel
Senior Concept Artist
Omniya Gamal
Junior Concept Artist
Dalia Alaa
Junior 3D Generalist