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Advertising and marketing on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most famous social networking sites in the world. Twitter ads targets a large number of users who uses twitter through e-marketing for advertising various pages and services. Zonetech company offers advertising on Twitter for many companies and sites that want a large number of followers, Twitter ads are used to target many pages and attract more followers. Saudi Arabia is considered one of the largest countries in the Arab world in Twitter users, As the number of users have reached more than 6 million account compared to the number of Twitter accounts in Egypt, Which is only more than a million account, So there is a large demand for advertising and marketing on Twitter in Saudi Arabia and in the gulf countries compared to advertisment on Facebook, due to large number of users. Zonetech monitors and observe all Twitter statistics and follow your hashtag in case of an existing hashtag in the advertising campaign during marketing on Twitter, Also we record the number of tweets, retweets and a lot of other statistics.
Note: to activate an advertiser account on Twitter the minimum cost of activation is 10K US dollars, To start marketing on Twitter for your page this amount must be in the budget beforehand.


What Zonetech company offers in marketing and advertising on Twitter

Activate your Advertiser account for ever

Promote Twitter account

Sending regular reports about the campaign

Managing the campaign efficiently to minimize costs

Action announce of tweets (promote Twitter tweet)

Targeting pages interested in the business field

Advertising your account only (promote Twitter account)

Our projects in Twitter Ads

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