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Advertising on Google Adwords

Advertising on Google AdWords is the most efficient method of e-marketing for many companies and major sites, It depends on Google ads as it offers the best results for businesses and site owners. It is considered the basis of income for Google company, It is also an advertising program that enables you to advertise. There is a Google ad network which is a number of sites that participate in the program to spread advertising for Google on their sites, This is called Google AdSense. Zonetech company offers advertising campaigns management service on Google professionally. Many companies and sites trust in our abilities and services like managing advertisement campaigns on Google , advertising on Facebook and advertising on Twitter. We are aware of Google AdWords policies and other social sites advertising policies. Zonetech company also observes and monitors the advertisement campaign to record the continuous changes in the price per click to estimate the competition size around us with their competing ads.

What Zonetech offers on advertising on Google

Studying targeted keywords in the campaign for best results

Designing graphic and animated ads for the campaign

Best solutions to contribute for the campaign success

Managing the campaign efficiently to minimize costs

Sending regular reports about the campaign

Matching the correct market segment with advertised products and services

Our projects in Google AdWords Ads

Zonetech is an Egyptian software company based in Cairo, It was found in 2014 by a group of young, ambitious and talented people, Offering web & mobile solutions, Ready to satisfy all clients needs efficiently and professionally

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