Service agreement

General terms

Zone tech company does not hurt any religion or people and we also do not offer services with content that violates Islamic sharia.

We do not make services that violate property rights and do not offer services to sites containing violence or sexual material.

We do not use fake software to make services and do not support the service of breaking programs protection.

We do not communicate with customers except through the company and contact Which are described, and other.

Zone Tech company is committed to present technical support by ticket system or reply to emails or contact through phone seven days a week.

Zone Tech promises to offer all the services with best quality for each customer.

Zone Tech do not provide customers data to government except in cases that determine by law.

The company has the right to change these terms without return to the customers or notify them and changes apply to new customers and our current customers will be notified in the case of that one of the conditions may affect their business.

customer has no right to libel zone tech company and in the case of those acts the company will end the contract and refuse to contract with the customer in the future.


Customers zone

The agent is committed to providing us with right details to contact.

We do not show any details or cost about our services we offer to customers for other companies.

The customer committed to pay 50% of the price after the deal, after finishing the work the rest of the amount is paid or the customer can pay the full amount at once as wish. also customer bears the costs of the transfer of funds.

We do not agree on the services except through ticket system or the emails system or contact with the numbers in the contact us page.

Zone Tech company can refuse any work before the agreement in case of a violation one of our policy.

Zone Tech company can refuse some works or delaying them in case of accept the project will affect on other projects and we will inform the customer before the deal.

We have the right to put the logo of our company at the bottom of the sites (footer) which we have provided the services for it and is not allowed to the owners of the site delete it.

We have the right to add the logo of the customers at the page of zone tech clients.

If the customer deals with the company to provide a service so he admitted all our conditions.

Customer has the right to end the contract with the company during a period of 24 hours and get back the money he paid with discount the transfer costs.

We start working on the project after 24 hours of money transfer or as our deal with the customer.

Customer will not have the right to get his money back in case of violation of the conditions and the company's policies.


Smart phones applications design

If there is a former design. send it in PSD format.

Demo will be sent to the customer in the mid-term , after the customer seeing demo he can send to us any special edits only once.

The customer will receive a full application to test and experience it and the features which we have agreed upon it.

The application will be uploaded on Google store and app store after that.

The android app will be uploaded in 24 hours after finish it.

The ios application will be uploaded after complete it , we will wait the agreement by apple company and it will take 7 to 21 days.