Does your business need a website

Well, to ask such a question, first you need to ask yourself, do I need more clients to reach my business?

Of course you need! Who doesn’t?

That’s why today we will talk with you on how important it’s to have an online presence to reach your customers and let your customers reach you easily.

The added value of a website

As we were saying, if you need your business to expand you need to think of new tool or ways to reach them, communicate with them and let them reach you back by offering all your items on your website to let your customers

 shop from the website, put new offers to reach new clients and you can even listen to your customers complains more easily now.

Hire a permanent employee

Your website can serve as your permanent employee, it will work as a receptionist as it will welcome all your customers every time they enter your website, it will introduce them to all your products and services, and it will take their information and confirm their orders!


Your customers need to know that you are taking your business seriously and professionally, it’s time to show them the best image of you and make it easy for them to reach you any day at any hour all the time.

Investing in having a website will give your customers credibility more than ever.

Compete globally

Even if your business is still a startup, you have the chance to compete with those giant competitors.

Did you know that your website gives you the chance to get organic reach through SEO?


Yes you can do this through your website to gain more traffic and leads to your business.

And that’s how you can turn your business into international business in no time!

Cut costs!

By making a website you are cutting your costs as you are making an extra service to your clients with a low budget cost and a one-time payment, but a lifelong service that will give you and your customers more convenience in buying and selling your products and services.

Stay unique!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money in decorating a fancy physical place, you can catch your customer’s eye with unique brand identity on your website design with a professional software company to design your website

Consumer’s insights

Now you can get to know your customers more closely, one of the website’s features is letting you know who visited your website and what are their insights to make you more appealing to your customers and even expand your market by targeting a new audience that looks like your existing audience to increase your sales rate!

Having a website might be a difficult decision for some business owners, but it will give your business a lot more features and credibility that will help you expand and change your own mindset toward businesses!

Radwa Ramzy
marketing & public relations specialist